December 17, 2011

Want a free kit? Use the Membership Acquisition Program

Thanks to IPMS/USA and Stevens International, the High Plains Modelers club is offering the following offer to new members:

  • Become a new member of High Plains Modelers and get your free welcome kit.
  • Become a new member of IPMS/USA and get your second free welcome kit.
These offers are while supplies last. 

Check the link in the left navigation bar for a sample of the kits being offered trough this program.

December 10, 2011

Modelers In-Action!

Here you have some pictures of our latest "Build and Bull" session

November 13, 2011

Letter from an attendant to the High Plains Con XXII

The High Plains Modelers Club received this message from Randy P., whom lives in Texas and happened to be in Colorado the day of the High Plains Con XXII. He stopped by, said hello to many modelers, got to look at some of the already entered models and then departed back home.

With his authorization his email is being reproduced here

Greetings All,

It's been a while since I attended your contest, and wanted to say hello. I really enjoyed my visit, and was so glad I could attend the contest. Too bad I didn't have more time to stay and see the great models still coming in. I did eventually see the photos posted, and there were some cool ones added after I left. 

Some of you might remember I found a bust at one of the vendors tables. I finally got around to painting it, and wanted to share a photo with you all. The bust is of actor Sam Elliot, and is meant to be his character General John Buford from the movie "Gettysburg". I was thrilled to find this unique piece, and happy at how it turned out.

It was a pleasure meeting you all, and I'm absolutely planning to attend the Nationals there in 2013. It will be great to see you all there. Take care and best wishes.

Randy P. 

Thanks Randy for your message and we are glad to know you had a good time.

November 6, 2011

A bit of humor

These strips were published in the "Baby Blues" website in October 2011.

October 10, 2011

High Plains Con XXII was a success!

Despite the bad weather, we still had over 200 models, vendors and modelers enjoying a great day of modeling fun!!!

You can see pictures of all the entered models here.

We want to thank all of our sponsors and patrons for their support.

August 31, 2011

High Plains Gazette - Vol 10

Direct link to download

High Plains Gazette Vol 10

August 21, 2011

Gazette - Nats 2012 Special Edition - Vol 11

 Direct download link
 High Plains Gazette IPMS Omaha Special

August 8, 2011

High Plains Modelers at 2011 National

Seven members of High Plains Modelers were present at the 2011 IPMS Nationals at Omaha. From left to right: Tom Menert, Gary Moore, Randy Robinson, Pablo Bauleo, Jeff Brown, Dave Dardine and Larry Hersch.

Collectively, High Plains Modelers entered 30 models in the contest. Gary, Jeff and Tom they all won awards!

Five members of High Plains Modelers also contributed to the event by being part of the judging teams.

It was a great event and congrats to Gary, Jeff and Tom for their awards!

July 31, 2011

High Plains Gazette - Vol 9

Direct download link

High Plains Gazette Vol 9

July 8, 2011

July Meeting - Special date

The July 2011 meeting will be on Tuesday July 19th, instead of the last Tuesday of the month. The time and location is the same (7:00 PM, 4-H Building at "The Ranch").

July 2, 2011

High Plains Gazette - Vol 8

 Direct link for download

High Plains Gazette Vol 8

July 1, 2011

Red White and Blue Group Build

On June 28th we had our "Red White & Blue" group build contest. The rules were simple: Any scale and class, the kit should have the three colors (with yellow being the bonus color!).

These were the entries

Models from Martin (x2), Pablo, Tim, Jeff, Gary and Jerry were entered in the GB contest. By popular vote, Tim won the "Red White & Blue" Award. Congrats Tim!

June 5, 2011

Auction Night Pictures (May 2011)

The Auction night was an incredible success. There were over 150 items offered at the auction and everyone got something that was looking for!!

High Plains Modelers want to thank all of its members for the valued donations, as well as IPMS/USA and Stevens Internationals for the kits donated for the event.

High Plains Gazette - Vol 7

 Direct download link
High Plains Gazette Vol 7

May 20, 2011

May meeting is Auction Night!

On May 31st, at around 7:45 PM, the High Plains Modelers club will host a model/aftermarket/reference material auction night.

If history serves, most items will go from $5 to $10. The auction is open to the public and all proceedings go to support High Plains Modelers.

This is a picture of just some of the items that will be available at the auction (some of these items have a MSRP of $50 or more!). Please check our meeting location and join us for a night of modeling fun!

May 6, 2011

High Plains Gazette - Vol 6

Direct Donwload link 
 High Plains Gazette Vol 6

April 1, 2011

High Plains Gazette Vol. 5 - March 2011

Direct Download Link

High Plains Gazette Vol 5

March 19, 2011

Murphy's Law of Modeling

  1. The most important piece is always missing.
  2. A seam is never on any known panel line.
  3. Within a year after your completion of a major conversion or scratchbuilt, someone will release it in a kit form.
  4. The part with the most mold flash will always be the most delicate.
  5. The odds against finding the part you just dropped are directly proportional to its importance.
  6. A decal will only silver where it is most visible.
  7. Gloss paint will always run.
  8. The latest kit will always be the better kit.
  9. A seam will always be in the worst place possible to fill and sand.
  10. The worst fitting joint will always be located where the most detail can be damaged or destroyed.
  11. If a manufactures should mold a part in one piece, they will mold it in six.
  12. If a manufactures should mold a part in several pieces, they will mold it as one.
  13. A discontinued kit will always be re-released, but only after you have paid three times the price to a collector.
  14. A model you like will never do as well in a contest as a model you dislike.
  15. There will always be decals on an aftermarket sheet that drawings make no reference to.
  16. The markings you hand-painted will be released on a decal sheet the following month.
  17. The decals that shatters into a thousand bits is the one you needed the most.
  18. Kit decals are always off register.
  19. The guy who writes the articles always makes it sound easy.
  20. There is no such thing as an easy vac-form kit.
  21. Matchbox plastic will never match any known FS color.
  22. You will only find out that the new kit has been released after it has sold out.
  23. The kit you saw somewhere last week will never be there when you return to purchase it.
  24. The kid eating the greasy French-fries will always choose your model to pick up.

February 27, 2011

High Plains Gazette Vol 4 - February 2011

Jeff Brown must be doing something right as Editor and main author of the newsletter given that the document is expanding and maturing into a club-based document. Way to go Jeff!

This issue of the Gazette has two new contributors, George Slack and Pablo Bauleo, an invited writer, Don Kehrer (RC-10 Coordinator) and the annual financial statement from our Treasurer.

Direct Download Link

High Plains Gazette Vol 4

Complete your collection: High Plains Gazette Vol 1

Direct Download Link - Vol 1

High Plains Gazette Vol 1

Red White and Blue Group Build

The High Plains Modelers club is having a "Red White and Blue" theme group build this year. The idea is to build a model that will have those 3 colors (with yellow being the 'bonus' color). Other colors are allowed, but the model has to have the "Red White and Blue" on it. The model can be of any scale or category.

We will bring the "Red White and Blue" models for our June 28th meeting, as to have an early Independence Day celebration.

The winner of the Group Build will receive the following certificate

February 6, 2011

January 23, 2011

High Plains Modelers - Gazette Vol 2

Direct Download Link

High Plains Gazette Vol 2

Christmas 2010 Group Photo

Good memories from the Christmas Party and Gift Exchange!