Yearly In-House Contest Rules

Approved in November 2010

Yearly Contest Operating Guidelines

  •   There will be 11 monthly meetings were points can be accrued (Jan to Nov)

  •   A monthly entry is defined as a single model, group of models or diorama brought in for the monthly meeting.

  •   The model has to be original work by the club member.

  •   A model can be enter only once for credit.

  •  Only modelers that have paid their dues are eligible for points in the contest.

  •  Points are accrued at a rate of 7.5 points per monthly entry, plus 2.5 extra points for the popular vote selection. In case of a draw in the popular vote selection, each modeler will get the 2.5 extra points

  • A modeler has to be present in order to accrue points (ie, no “in absence”/proxy entries).

  • Rules can only be changed for an upcoming year contest, not for an already started yearly contest