January 30, 2013

Clinic Calendar 2013

The Modeling Clinics Calendar for 2013 has been updated. You can see all the different events scheduled for this year using the navigation link "Calendar of Events and Clinics"

January 2013 Meeting

We had the first meeting of the year. Lots of talking about activities for this year: clinics, contests, work-in-progress "critiques", even a group build for the Nats 2013. We also had a visit from Mark P., who gave us an update on the planning for the Nats 2013 and brought a sign-up sheet for volunteers.

This meeting went long and the "Show and Tell" was a bit rushed, but still the best part of the meeting were the models.

Gary's model

Chris' model

Pablo's model

Randy's model

Jeff's model

Chip's model

Tom's model

Dave's model

Cody's model
 The meeting ended with a bitter-sweet moment, when we all wished well to Mike (and his wife Bonnie) on their new adventure in Arizona. They will be missed!

January 16, 2013

High Plains Gazette Vol 16

High Plains Gazette Vol 16. You can read it online or download it from here