February 27, 2011

High Plains Gazette Vol 4 - February 2011

Jeff Brown must be doing something right as Editor and main author of the newsletter given that the document is expanding and maturing into a club-based document. Way to go Jeff!

This issue of the Gazette has two new contributors, George Slack and Pablo Bauleo, an invited writer, Don Kehrer (RC-10 Coordinator) and the annual financial statement from our Treasurer.

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High Plains Gazette Vol 4

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High Plains Gazette Vol 1

Red White and Blue Group Build

The High Plains Modelers club is having a "Red White and Blue" theme group build this year. The idea is to build a model that will have those 3 colors (with yellow being the 'bonus' color). Other colors are allowed, but the model has to have the "Red White and Blue" on it. The model can be of any scale or category.

We will bring the "Red White and Blue" models for our June 28th meeting, as to have an early Independence Day celebration.

The winner of the Group Build will receive the following certificate

February 6, 2011