June 30, 2015

May 2015 Meeting

Highlights from the May meeting:

No Raffle was held this month due to the annual club auction being held.

The membership approved sponsoring two awards for the IPMS Region 10 conest that was held on June 12-13 in Denver.

The club's annual auction of donated kits and accessories generated over $400 of income for the club.  We had a huge pile of models donated by members.

Some of the pile of models to be auctioned; more were added before we started.
The auction in progress.  Michael A. handled the job of auctioneer and made it through the entire stack.

Members brought in 11 models for the monthly contest:
Samuel's Monogram Ju-87G in 1/48 scale
Randy's Revell LaFerrari
Cody's 1999 Ford F-150
Tomasz's ICM Hs 126 in 1/48th
Gary brought this 15mm M10 Wolverine
Mark's entry was his Idea 1/72 F-15 displayed in-flight
Pablo brought his tiny Tamiya 1/48 Dingo scout car
Tamiya's old M16 GMC by Scott S
Michael A's 1/56 Komsomolets armored artillery tractor
And finally the Model of the Month, Jon's Hasegawa 1/72 Leopold: