March 19, 2011

Murphy's Law of Modeling

  1. The most important piece is always missing.
  2. A seam is never on any known panel line.
  3. Within a year after your completion of a major conversion or scratchbuilt, someone will release it in a kit form.
  4. The part with the most mold flash will always be the most delicate.
  5. The odds against finding the part you just dropped are directly proportional to its importance.
  6. A decal will only silver where it is most visible.
  7. Gloss paint will always run.
  8. The latest kit will always be the better kit.
  9. A seam will always be in the worst place possible to fill and sand.
  10. The worst fitting joint will always be located where the most detail can be damaged or destroyed.
  11. If a manufactures should mold a part in one piece, they will mold it in six.
  12. If a manufactures should mold a part in several pieces, they will mold it as one.
  13. A discontinued kit will always be re-released, but only after you have paid three times the price to a collector.
  14. A model you like will never do as well in a contest as a model you dislike.
  15. There will always be decals on an aftermarket sheet that drawings make no reference to.
  16. The markings you hand-painted will be released on a decal sheet the following month.
  17. The decals that shatters into a thousand bits is the one you needed the most.
  18. Kit decals are always off register.
  19. The guy who writes the articles always makes it sound easy.
  20. There is no such thing as an easy vac-form kit.
  21. Matchbox plastic will never match any known FS color.
  22. You will only find out that the new kit has been released after it has sold out.
  23. The kit you saw somewhere last week will never be there when you return to purchase it.
  24. The kid eating the greasy French-fries will always choose your model to pick up.