June 6, 2014

May 2014 Meeting

      I'll bet you're wondering, "Gee, haven't seen an update from the High Plains Modelers lately." And you would be right. But I have a good excuse. I was taken down by a bad case of stomach flu the like of which only exists in a dark, dirty corner of Mos Eisely station, much like a hive of scum and villainy right there in my digestive tract. It was not pretty. Fortunately I was afflicted the day after the May club meeting, so all you other club members should be safe. I hope. If not, umm...sorry about that LOL.
   BUT! On to the juicy details of the May meeting. We had a spectacular attendance, with 21 folks showing up. This is likely due to the fact that we also had our yearly club auction that night. After taking care of a little business, we got right to brass tacks.

         128 Days Til High Plains Con XXV!!

Welcome aboard to new members Samuel and Kolby!

    We also had time for a little bit of Bring & Brag action, which featured nine models constructed by members this month. Take a gander below:

Michael continues  his aircraft trend with this snazzy F4U Corsair.

A good looking Matilda light tank with an unusual camouflage scheme brought in by Gary.

Pablo rolled in with this 1/48 liquid transport truck.

That way! NO, THAT way! Tomasz sets the commander straight on this HobbyBoss Panzer 1F.

Chip's predilection for unusual kits and penchant for near disastrous results is always entertaining. Here's his F3D-2 Skynight.

John S. rocked it with this classic P-51D in 1/72 scale, by Tamiya.

New Scott's Heller 1/72 Sabre IV.

72 Scott's Italian church. I'm hoping he brings the whole village back in someday.

        Apologies to Cody, whose Porsche 944 somehow eluded my camera. Sorry Cody!

   If there's one thing modelers love to do besides build models, it's buy and sell models! Here are a couple pics of the auction. Michael did a stellar job, as always, of being the club auctioneer. Thanks Michael for standing for two hours while distributing schwag!

Club members inspect the offerings.

Michael rattles off details as the club waits with itchy trigger fingers.

     That's it for this update of the High Plains Modelers! See you in June!