March 26, 2014

March 2014 Meeting

     Greetings Northern Colorado scale model fans! Secretary Nuge here to update you on the latest shenanigans of the High Plains Modelers!
    On Tuesday, March 25th, HPM gathered once again at the usual hideout to talk all things styrene, resin, and oatmeal. We had eighteen attendees, even including a guest (a brave, brave man to enter into this den of scum and villainy). For once the weather cooperated and there were no accidents on I-25, making attendance slightly easier.
    The club spent a few minutes discussing business. Preparations are underway for our 25th High Plains Con, and a firm date was set for October 11th, 2014. Check out the contest page for further details. Tentative discussion was held on moving to a custom style award rather than medals and on the idea of adding a supplemental description form for models entered in the show.
    Dave floated the idea of a quarterly in-house model contest, with a $5 fee to fund a prize for the winner at the end of the year. Models would be properly judged on construction and finish as opposed to the popular vote we take for the monthly contest. Points would be awarded on a basis of a 1-4 rating. Tony and Dave decided to hammer out the details on this in the coming month.
   HobbyTown will be having an open house the 2nd weekend in May, and will be hosting HPM for a day-long Build & Bull session to bring increased exposure to plastic modeling. HPM will be featured right out front-and-center on the main floor of the store as opposed to our usual haunt in the basement. Should be a fun time.
   This month's modeling clinic was Figure/Face Painting by Michael Adams. He gave an excellent presentation on the nuances of figure paints, tools, and techniques. Thanks, Michael!
   But enough about mundane club business! Let's get on to the pics we know you all want and love. Check out the builds as well as the photo feature of Michael's demo below:

Chris brought Tamiya's '80's vintage 1/48 A-10A Warthog. The 'Hawg!

Scott brought this SS-100 Luftwaffe heavy tractor. Look out for the giant hand!

Gary's 1/35 Kangaroo. Basically an M7 Priest converted to APC duty.

Another shot of the Kangaroo.

Marty's 1/72 Airfix Typhoon blew our doors off.

Tomasz with a squad of German armor.

A better shot of Tomasz' Elefant.

Chip brought in an F-4S in 75th anniversary markings for VX-4.

Another shot of Chip's F-4. 

Cody's 2007 Nissan 350Z by Aoshima. It looks fast standing still.

Dave brought in a 1/72 Mustang by Airfix.

Another shot of Dave's P-51.

Michael begins his demo on figure painting.

A shot of some of Michael's work.

Demonstrating a figure secured to a paint bottle with Blu-Tac.

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Closeup of pen useful for painting eyes.

The master at work. Everybody quiet!

     That's it for this month, folks. Stay tuned for the next exciting episode when HPM meets in April, featuring a demo on decals by Randy R. Auf Wiedersehen!