October 24, 2014

High Plains Con XXV-Summary and pics


    October 13th has come and gone. Did you make it to the show? 

    By all accounts the 25th annual High Plains Con was a success. There were lots of models, lots of SILVER, and lots of good times.

   Some sample pics for you to ogle. Hey, we all need that instant gratification sometimes. Check out the link at the bottom for the complete album on our Contest Coordinator's Flickr page:

You can find the rest of the show pics HERE.

   Lastly, High Plains Modelers would like to send a huge shout-out and thank you(!) to our many vendors and to those folks who sponsored an award or otherwise contributed to the success of the show. So...


That's all folks! Thanks again and see ya next year!

We WILL be back next month for regular business, so don't think we're abandoning you!  ;)

October 3, 2014

September 2014 Meeting

       The moan of rubber on interstate roadways and the sight of mountains smoky with dusk herald another communion of souls entranced by the siren song of polystyrene. The High Plains Modelers hitch their wagon to a star, traveling from the four points of the compass and from distant cities like Cheyenne to gather under a single roof. This, then, a single of the many reasons we choose the hobby we do. Smiling faces, sincere assistance, and the light banter like smoke from the burning passion within all of us. But enough encomia.
      Around fifteen of the hardy folk of HPM met at the McKee 4H building for another exciting session of plastic modeling-related business and fun. We took care of business first, with an update by Michael on High Plains Con XXV, on which work and planning is going mostly smoothly. We do have quite a few sponsorships for award categories still in need of sponsors. If you would like to sponsor a category and haven't, you can find that information on the High Plains Con page.

8 Days Until High Plains Con XXV!!!! You'll Pay For The Whole Seat But You'll Only Need The Edge!!!!

Sponsors Still Needed! Check The High Plains Con Sponsor Page For Info! And Thank You!

     And now, unless I'm forgetting something, which is entirely possible in my decrepit and aged state, it's time to ogle the monthly model offerings brought in by HPM members. Do it to it!

Chris brought this SE5A biplane, the name of which eluded him at the meeting. Thanks New Scott for the nudge!

Speaking of New Scott, here's his Revell 1/72 M60A3. Great camo job on this one!

If I were a mouse with a big-arsed sword, I'd be mad as heck at being called a 'mouseling'. Stupid humans. Here's Michael's angry mouseling knight by Reaper Miniatures.

An excellent rusted example of a '42 Ford Sedan in 1/48 by Gary M.

Civil aircraft get short shrift in the modeling world, but here's a great example by John C. This is a Cessna 172 in....wait for it....1/72 scale (!) by Airii.

A phalanx of mean looking cannon from the Age of Sail by 72 Scott, in 15mm I believe.

A rather unorthodox scratchbuild offering by Chip C., here's a 1/700 scale 'Stargate'. The NMF finish is truly impressive. ;)

Cody brought in this gorgeous Testors 1/43 2000 Saleen S7. It's fast just standing still.

      The next time you see us, we'll be hard at it in Exhibition Hall A at the McKee 4H Building at The Ranch in Loveland. Don't forget to bring your best models to show off, and also remember there will be a huge variety of vendors where you can pick up a few things to buttress the ranks of your stash. It's gonna be fuuuu---UUUUNN!   See you soon!