January 31, 2017

November 2016 Models

Models from the November meeting.

HO Scale 56 Plymouth Station Wagon by Cody

Academy 1/288 Space Shuttle Launch by Dennis

Another vies of Dennis'd Shuttle Endeavour

Gary's 28mm Fantasy Figures, pegasus and "unisus," a flying unicorn 
Jon's Revell/Monogram 1/72 F-82G.  This was the kit Jon received at the 2015 Christmas party.

Pablo's model-of-the-month Hobby Boss 1/72 BR86 Locomotive

Scott L's ACE W15T French Artillery Tractor, 1/72

Another view of the W15T

Scott S's Airfix 1/72 GMC CCKW

January 23, 2017

Airbrush Tip - Flush it often

The key to cleaning your airbrush, and keeping it clean, is much simpler than methods necessitating airbrush dis-assembly. The key is to avoid paint (or other media) from ever setting up in the airbrush. This is done by simply and frequently shooting cleaner through your airbrush — so frequently that paint/media never has time to set up in the airbrush. When color supply is exhausted, before adding color—shoot cleaner through your airbrush. When changing colors, before adding or attaching the new color jar—shoot cleaner through your airbrush. When setting your airbrush down to do something else, remember paint dries as fast sitting in your airbrush as it does on the item you are painting, before setting it down—shoot cleaner through your airbrush. You cannot shoot cleaner through your airbrush too frequently. At any reasonable time or opportunity, ask yourself “should I shoot cleaner through my airbrush?”. The answer is always YES! 

-- Reproduced from OVERSPRAY, the Badger Airbrush Newsletter