July 11, 2012

Randy's Bistro review

Our fearless treasurer dared to host a BBQ at his place for the club members and families. We all had a great time there.

This is an interesting review posted on yelp.com, regarding "Randy's bistro and Styrene Emporium"

My family and I happened to be on a lazy Saturday afternoon drive when we found Randy's Bistro & Styrene Emporium. Set in a residential neighborhood, the outside beckons you with neat, contemporary design and a welcoming paint job set back from a well-manicured landscape. Parking is at a premium, so we parked in front of a neighboring building, despite the looming threat of a downpour.
    Randy's is operated by it's owner and his gorgeous and charming wife, and so the service, although attentive, was sparse. We were actually welcomed inside and seated by one of the other guests. In addition, due to the limited menu selections, we had to bring our own deviled eggs as well as our own beverages and table service. However, the dining space inside is well decorated, cozy, and comforting, which makes up for the self-service experience. Music is provided throughout the establishment and is in extremely good taste, with blues and jazz permeating ones ears in a perfect accompaniment to the meal.
   Let's get down to brass tacks. The meal was outstanding. As is customary, much of the food selection was made up of items other guests had brought. From salads to deviled eggs, three types of baked beans, stuffed peppers and an extremely wide variety of desserts, we were not disappointed at all. The main course consisted of gourmet mass market sausages roasted over a wood fire and served impeccably on Randy's finest china. An additional main course offering was wood roasted chicken breasts, marinated in an Italian vinaigrette and cooked to moist perfection. I chose the chicken myself, which melted in my mouth like memories of my first girlfriend.
    In addition to gourmet food cooked in a home-style atmosphere, Randy's Bistro & Styrene Emporium also offers a unique entertainment experience to complement  your meal. For a small fee (usually a well-timed joke or compliment to his wife will suffice) patrons can take a tour of his establishment. On display is a selection of plastic models, crafted expertly by the owner and arranged on display for the delight of his guests. Consisting of mostly automobiles, but with a smattering of science fiction and aircraft subjects also, Randy's glassed shelves will awe and inspire guests of all ages. Indeed, during our visit, a local modeling club convention was in progress, and Randy's Bistro & Styrene Emporium was perfectly suited to the occasion.
    In summary, I would highly recommend a visit to Randy's Bistro & Styrene Emporium. The food is impeccable, the service is excellent and makes one feel right at home, while the plastic modeling display is a perfect cap to one's evening. I give it 5 stars.

There are even some pictures supporting the review

July 2, 2012

Club's fundraiser!

You know the club is in trouble when you need to do this..... (Oh well, we were having fun)

July 1, 2012

June 2012 Meeting

The June meeting was largely dominated by planning details of the High Plains Con XXIII (October 13th, at The Ranch). Sadly there was no clinic this time, but the "Canvases made out of tissue paper" one got re-scheduled for next time.

Other topics have been proposed for clinics:
  • Large, complex decals
  • Surface preparation for NMF and high gloss finishes
  • All about glues 
 Our historian placed a trivia question for the club: Who was Cpt Louis Strange and what was the strangest thing he did? The answer will be known on the next meeting.

As always, the main attraction of the meeting were the models brought for Show and Tell (Thanks to Chris, our fearless photographer!)