March 25, 2018

Results from the 2017 In-House Contest

Results from the 2017 In-House Contest:

Gary M7.5107.57.5107.57.57.5107.57.590
Jon C10107.57.57.5107.
Dennis B7.57.510107.57.57.5107.57.57.590
Pablo B7.
Scott L7.57.57.507.
Tomasz M7.57.57.5100000001042.5
Randy R7.57.57.5107.500000040
Dave D07.5007.50100007.532.5
Scott S 7.57.50000007.57.5030
Larry H07.500007.5007.57.530
Michael A7.57.500000000015
Mark S7.5000000007.5015
Ernan P00000000007.57.5
Mark P000000007.5007.5
Ben P7.500000000007.5

1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers all received HobbyTown gift cards at the Christmas party. Remember that in 2018 anyone finishing in the one of the top 5 spots wins a gift card, and the prize values have increased.